Tom Smith has been licking the arse of the aesthetic unknown since 1975.

Obviously, he enjoys the taste.In 1980 he formed the Athens, Georgia terror cabal Boat Of.

After moving to Washington, DC in 1984, Boat Of transmogrified into Peach of Immortality, accompanied by a contemplative sonic shift.

Smith joined Pussy Galore in October 1985

When the association sundered (Feb. 86), Peach of Immortality refocused their efforts, moving their music to progressively less-palatable redoubts. They were doomed.

Washing ashore in Miami Beach (1991),
Peach of Immortality morphed into To Live and Shave in L.A..

After issuing nine albums, the group split in August 2000.

OHNE is the logical successor.

Smith has produced over 60 recordings for a panoply of mongrel artistes, directed short films (including 1993's "Harry Pussy: American Classic Rock," which unaccountably was aired on American MTV), taught college courses, disrupted the lecture circuit with his mid-90s "Sick Sinema" series, and, since the late 70s, has has writings published in numerous disreputable periodicals.

He resides in Miami Beach.