Reto Mäder, the Buddy Holly of Laptop-Music, treats and adds digital soundfiles into OHNE.

From where he came from we don't know. Suddenly he was there and stole us the show. He is the master of puppets, we wish we had known before...

you could put it like that - "dissects minute sonic particles into nanoscopic components, which are then blown up, treated digitally, and formed into intricate fractal patterns and pulsating subfrequencies." - but you can't find the words for his magic & tragic appearance.

During OHNE's Live-Tour he created his very own performance style and aesthetics. He proved that Laptoppers doesn't neccessarily have to wear clothes on stage, and you better take care of flying effect pedals!

rm74 has released a handful of CDs; the most recent being "Mikrosport", with the new "Instabil" due for release this fall (both for the Zurich-based Domizil imprint).

He knows about a swindle with toxic-waste.

He is living in Switzerland

He has a devilish & genious masterplan..