_ OHNE - 1 CD
Our debut CD, recorded in virtual-reality before we first met. This is the sum of our discreet approaches, and is equal to the square root of a 70-liter bottle of thai-whisky and an associate's degree of cosmetology from the university of deppenhausen. Deal with it, you bastards. This is the first album entirely recorded inside a sock, employing only a hoe and a large glass of heavy water. Comes with letters of invitation for absurdistan. (this might well be big in crop circles). Full-contact origami was never more fun! Featuring Paintings by Rudolf Eb.er. Manufactured and distributed via Mego.

OHNE - 020510 CD
Featuring our complete show at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Yaroslavl, Russia, as well as a 10 minute video-clip. Released by SOI Tapes, Yaroslavl, Russia in 2003.

OHNE - 020503 CD
Featuring our complete show at the Buddha Bar, Minsk, Republic of Belarus, as well as a 10 minute video clip. Released October 2003 by the The Egg And We, Minsk, Belarus.

_ OHNE - 020504 CD
Featuring our complete show at Club Nemo, Gomel, Belarus, the most crazy one with the heaviest audience... released October 2004 by Tochnit Aleph.